Welcome to Kartlaser

The most importantly thing to know about Kartlaser is that we race karts ourselves, from a garage at a track near Munich. It’s currently a KZ2 Intrepid gearbox kart with an X30 motor.

And actually it was crashing that kart during a wet race that first led to the design of a Kartlaser.

Our founder Chris didn’t want to spend nearly $1000 on a set of 4 expensive lasers to check his (widely anticipated) future crash damage, and the battery used on laser units at the local kart shop was both esoteric and out of power.

So he built his own. And that first prototype became the hunt for a different, more efficient and unique set of functions.

After a few weeks of experimenting and several months of refinement, he developed the full scale version we now sell as the Kartlaser.

We truly hope our product helps you go faster and win some races, while still leaving you with a little more money.

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